Achillea release new video 'DARKER SIDE' Live


January 2014

New sample audio for the Eternity EP with Vocalist Rod Rossi and special guest Alirio Netto (Audio 320kbs Only)


December 2013

New EP mixed and ready for January

'Heavy Paradise' list ACHILLEA in the 2013 Top Ten for the album 'Fight or Fall' in the catagory **BEST 10 MELODIC POWER/SYMPHONIC METAL ALBUMS OF 2013**

Thank you from the team


November 2013

Its been a while! but here is the first track with new vocalist Rod Rossi in the studio recording Eternity

September 2013

For Brazil and South America we have now partnered with 'MS Metal Press' who deal with such bands as Angra and Sepultura. The Bio details on the site and image are to be updated with the additions of Rod Rossi, Darkyra Black and Colin Haynes this week. we are excited that with this company we will be able to bring Achillea to stages in South America early next year

UPDATE - NEW ACHILLEA VOCALIST ROD ROSSI - After looking at and talking to a number of possible replacements for H Sobrinho we here at Achillea HQ are happy to announce new vocalist/front man Rod Rossi.

Rod has a real European style vocal tone and approach to singing, unique and modern but with similarities to Roy Khan (Ex Kamelot) and Bruce Dickenson. He has great diction and his performance on the new track ‘Eternity is very passionate, he has taken the song and made it his own creating great atmosphere and passion in his performance.

Drummer Garry King met Rod in 2009 while on tour with Joe Lynn Turner and has kept in touch with him ever since, in 2010 Garry actually started working with Rod on Rod's solo tracks for the R2 project. “We always know that finding the right people for any project/band is hard to say the least, people with passion and ambition to work and finish what they start and be part of a functioning team. We have always had other people close to us in case we need to bring someone in who really wants to be involved, after talking to Rod and getting his feedback and ideas we instantly knew he was the guy to start working with, with new members Darkyra Black, Colin Haynes (Bass) and now Rod we have a great, strong focused team of professionals that will make great music together.


UPDATE Big changes this week - This week we have to say goodbye to vocalist H Sobrinho. Due to his other personal commitments H unfortunately will not carry on the journey with Achillea but, we all wish him the best of luck and thank him for his input and interpretation of the Achillea songs and melodies written by Paul Jupe for the ‘Fight or Fall' album. As in many band situations there are those who want to help build and sail the ship and those who just come along for the ride, Achillea is a crew and works together, those that don't help crew the ship have to be set ashore

But don't worry people ! we have already been talking to and testing out a number of other vocalists and over the next few weeks we will be announcing his replacement who will finish first the new long awaited track 'Eternity' .

With Colin Haynes on bass and the amazing Darkyra Black, backing and feature vocals in the family we all feel we have a much stronger team to carry this on and make great things happen. For Achillea business inquiries please email Marcus -

August - 2013

This week we would all like to officially welcome new bass player 'Colin Haynes' to Achillea. Colin is a British born musician and long time friend who currently resides in Canada. Recently, as we posted Colin also contributed his talents to the first Darkyra Black single ‘Tears by Candlelight' along with Paul, Garry, Fab and Betovani and a new track ‘Water' for Grammy Nominated Producer Rick Hale. Darkyra who has already featured on the Achillea ‘Fight or Fall' album and on the yet to be released epic single ‘Eternity' will also be working with us on tracks for a second album and any live shows in the future and this is proving to be a great working team.

July - 2013

Great little review from Heavy Paradise online in today


A little something made at school from Taylor Jason Lee White, Officially the number one fan and leader of the Achillea Army for sure

Key Chain


Tee Shirt

Achillea short clip for 'Eternity' with Darkyra Black on Metal Underground, the word is getting around!


June - 2013

Final vocal sessions for Achillea's Eternity. Short studio sessions clip featuring the haunting vocals of DARKYRA BLACK. This is the first follow up track since the recent release of the album 'Fight or Fall'

Achillea blog in the studio in Greece recording Violins for 'Eternity'

Darkyra vocal recording sessions complete for her parts in the new Achillea track 'Eternity' sounding great and adding an amazing vibe to the track, more news to come soon on completion of the song, release date and where you can download.

May - 2013

Today we are pleased to announce that Australian Goth/Metal artist 'Darkyra Black' will feature as our special guest on the new Achillea track 'Eternity' with H and the guys. Guitarist and writer Paul Jupe says "We are excited that Darkyra who is a great friend and has worked with us before on the track 'Darker Side of Me' will be adding her special touch to this new track that we hope to have out online mid June. We have already heard from a number of companies ready to promo the track on Metal Radio in the UK and Europe which we are very happy about and we are at present recording a complete video clip for the song"

Another nice little plug for the band in Brazil on the Road To Metal site

Achillea release Live Sample Footage (Warning loud Audio) Crank up your volume!!! - shot in Brazil during the bands live DVD shoot including the songs Fight or Fall and Imprisoned.

New Track Recording for the second single 'Eternity' to be released in mid June


April - 2013

Official Mobile site now online scan the image to keep up to date with Achillea on your Cell Phone.

Garry and Paul have started work on new tracks 'Eternity and Sinner'

Fireworks Magazine UK review and interview coming soon.


March - 2013

ACHILLEA review and interview will be in issue 58 of Fireworks Magazine UK (hard copy) including the track 'Imprisoned' on the sample front cover CD. Fireworks press around 40,000 copies each issue that go out all around Europe and we would like to thank Nicky Baldrian at Rock Topia for promoting and supporting the band.

A busy couple of months with the album release, interviews and mail outs but here is the Official Achillea Video

Official Video for 'Wish you Well' by Akuri Films

January 2013

Main News 2013 - 21st January - OFFCIAL ALBUM RELEASE "FIGHT OR FALL" a great success globally including Brazil, Russia France and Germany. Official photo now online for download via

For download please visit our official download player




Achillea goes to Japan, Official Face Book Achillea page for the new Japanese fans thanks to Rimi



December -


H Sobrinho in Concert for Christmas 'Glorioso' in Manaus Brazil aired to over 100,000 people



23rd November 2012 - DVD shoot and live show review click here

Official DVD show video blogs now on the Achillea Youtube Channel -

'Fight or Fall' chosen by US Movie company for new TV series starting early 2013

All the show pics and info can be found on the Official FB Page




November -

Brasil 2012 DVD Shoot total success - So with the main event of the year now over we start plans for next year. The trip to Brasil gave us more than we could have imagined, not only the Live DVD shoot, an Official video recorded for the song "Wish You Well" a live in the studio video for "Stronger" and some great behind the scenes footage but the chance for us all to spend an amazing time together and with some amazing people. There are so many people to thank we do not really know where to start. All we can say is thank you to everyone who made this possible, thank you to those who traveled many miles to see us in Novo Horizonte and be part of the shoot, those who put themselves out in so many ways to make this a total success for the band and crew.

The editing for the DVD and videos starts soon with Mario and Desiree at Akuri Films and we plan a double release digi pack for this and the album for hard copy.

Tour plans - Plans are already being launched for next year for a South American tour covering Brasil, Argentina, Chile and a number of other countries.

This trip proved that you can do something special if you put your heads together and make it happen, a great job by everyone.

Thank you



Main update - Achillea in Brasil together - Rehearsals going great and ready for 23rd Video shoot. The band just shot an official video for the song "Wish you Well" which will be released soon.

Vocal Practice Sessions 2012 Brasil

Official shoot at Bolshoi in Goiania for the song "Wish you Well" filmed and ready to go with Official Photos with Mario and Desiree at Akuri Films and Photos


Garry and Paul in Brasil ready for November 23rd and pre production week starting on the 11th

Recent - 10/10/2012 7:08:27 pm
Fight Or Fall selected for placement with Backbone Pictures on their project called DAMO! in the US


September / October

ACHILLEA Album Sampler for the soon to be released debut album 'Fight or Fall' including, Bring Me Down To Earth, Wild Flower, The Wish and Darker Side of Me.

With a very busy time ahead all the tracks and vocals now complete. Great extra backing vocals for Paula Melf and the band are working on the live set for the show and production week in Brasil November the 23rd.

Brasil fan page ( Andrea Albuquerque Lopes official admin) thank you for your support



We are very pleased to announce the full ‘ACHILLEA’ line up for 2012 and for the November DVD live shoot.

H Sobrinho – Lead Vocals
Paul Jupe – Guitars
Betovani Dinelli – Guitars
Fabinho Jablonski– Keyboards
Gustavo Magalhães – Bass Guitar
Garry King – Drums
Paula Melf – Vocals

OFFICIAL SINGLE RELEASE 'IMRPRISONED' through Ammos Music now online for download

New Video 'H' Sobrinho recording vocal sessions on the Youtube site


July 2012 Press Release


Humberto 'H' Sobrinho lead vocalist of Progressive power metal band 'GLORY OPERA' and ex vocalist of 'HANGAR', officially joins international artists Achillea

Humberto Sobrinho, now 'H', singer from the progressive metal band Glory Opera and ex-singer from Hangar is announced officialy as singer from the european band Achillea

Garry King (Jeff Beck, Joe Lynn Turner) met Humberto in 2010 and was his first choice whilst looking for a new singer. 'H' is already re-recording the original tracks (that had been released for the EP) as well as the unreleased tracks that will integrate to complete the full album.

"We would like to thank everyone who has followed Achillea so far and welcome H. We're very proud with his arrival and for sure he's the right man for the job we have planned"


UPDATE - Date confirmed live DVD shoot. November 23rd @ 'TVExperience' Novo Horizonte Brasil. Tickets and news to follow

Achillea continue to work on new tracks for the sessions including 'Darker Side of Me, Torn Wide Open and Stronger' for the second release to complete the first album as a whole in June and have been offered major distribution by Germanys biggest metal/rock distributor. We are planning the first live show in November which will be a 'live' DVD shoot in Brasil, more info to follow.

Paul, Garry, Beto and Fab have also just finished the first sessions of four tracks for Australian Goth/metal artist 'Darkyra' for her soon to be released EP, truly making the concept that musicians can work internationally at anytime from anywhere come together

Darkyra Black to feature as special guest with Gus on the new Achillea recording 'Darker Side of Me'

AHILLEA featured on and



Loud and Loaded Review (South Carolina USA) for the first track release

Achillea is not just another band! Achillea is about people coming together from around the world to create amazing music with passion. It is a family.

From what I hear of the CD, they have well accomplished their goal. 


An amazing track with the knowledge everyone needs as a life lesson, it will come down to 'Fight or Fall', will you rise or fall? We must come together...A point well taken.

These guys are positively 'One Awesome Total Package' and I do not think anyone would be disappointed with this wonderful project that's, bringing people from around the world together. I highly recommend purchasing this awesome CD of great style and sound.

~Kathy, Loud N Loaded Promotion

ACHILLEA would like to officially welcome keyboard player 'Fabinho Jablonski' to the project. Fab has already worked on a number of tracks including ‘The Wish’ and ‘Fight or Fall’ delivering some outstanding parts to the songs.



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