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July 2013 - Great little review from Heavy Paradise



Since the single 'Imprisoned' went live we have had some great little comments from new fans so wanted to share a few of those. Thank you Achillea/Ammos Music Team


iTunes customer review for 'Fight or Fall'

'Good Metal and tons of instrumental details'
by Murry L.

I liked the band Achillea because they have original songs with good arrangements and symphonic-prog metal style. If you like good Metal and tons of instrumental details, this band is for you, this band will be a blockbuster, in my opinion.

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23rd November 2012 - DVD shoot and live show review click here


The Honest Mistake Band (USA) - Aw yeah, "Imprisoned" sounds excellent!..Those lyrics, vocals and that kick @SS instrumental structure is awesome!


Creso Neto - Big fan of Sobrinho's voice... excited about this project, sounds great!


Karine Aguiar Congratulations, Garry and Humberto! The project is so nice. Humberto is singing like never before! So beautiful! Arrangements are great, everything fits so well! I just wish you the best for this project. I really appreciate and shared "Imprisoned" with my friends.


Eugenia Figueiredo - olá!! (Portuguese)

Sou muito fã do Humberto Sobrinho e estou empolgadíssima com esse novo trabalho. Um abraço e muito sucesso para todos da ACHÍLLEA



Martin Robert (rock music fan) - Canada via Facebook - Thanks so much for the add and the cd is awesome ...the production is amazing, the melodic side of it and musicianship wow! awesome release ...!!! you can compare this to all major label release!!!

Loud and Loaded (South Carolina USA) Reviews the first release previews

'Achillea is not just another band! Achillea is about people coming together from around the world to create amazing music with passion'

From what I hear of the CD, they have well accomplished their goal. 


An amazing track with the knowledge everyone needs as a life lesson, it will come down to 'Fight or Fall', will you rise or fall? We must come together...A point well taken.

These guys are positively 'One Awesome Total Package' and I do not think anyone would be disappointed with this wonderful project that's, bringing people from around the world together. I highly recommend purchasing this awesome CD when released of this great style and sound.

~Kathy, Loud N Loaded Promotion

Hayley Larita Gallagher (UK) - A truly brilliant, thrilling album!


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